What is Anachronism?

|  noun  |  a·nack·rō·niz·em

1) a person or thing that is chronologically out of place; especially one from a former age that doesn’t fit in the present.

2) the state or condition of being chronologically out of place.

The “creative” part of the SCA, is the most interesting part of being a historical reenactor; you get to choose the level of historical accuracy you want to pursue. If you’d like to research and recreate something to an academic level of perfection, you’ll have access to the best minds in the world to help you achieve that goal. If you’d prefer to just show up on the weekend with a simple tunic and party, you’ll find a lot of people doing the same thing.

SCAdians come from all walks of life, and while many of us take a lot of pride in learning the arts and sciences of the middle ages, we’re also people living in the real world, with jobs and families (see: mundane life) to get back to after the weekend. Striking a balance between period accuracy and practicality is one of the more entertaining parts of playing this game. Don’t be surprised to find a modern ice cooler hidden underneath a tapestry, or a campsite folding chair underneath a pile of furs.

One of the main goals of our Society is to help each other experience magical little moments where you forget about modern life. When we participate in a collective immersion, you’ll find yourself pleasantly shocked to see a medieval knight talking on a cell phone, or a Baroness sneaking a Gatorade out of her handwoven bag. It’s a fun part of the game, and we invite you to experience it at your own pace.