What is a persona?

Role Playing

In the SCA, a persona is the fictional person you choose to “play” as, that lived some time prior to 1600 A.D. In many ways, you’re creating a character to embody, with a name, a history, an ethnicity and a place of origin, a career, personal heraldry (coat of arms), and unique interests.

The extent to which you choose to develop your persona, is entirely up to you. Some members of the SCA don’t even bother with developing one, while many of our other members assemble a rich tapestry of backgrounds that directly enhance their experience. Some members have multiple personas.

Be The Viking / Celt / Conquistador / etc.

For many members, the persona is the manifestation of all the things they want to learn and experience.

  • Maybe you’re a 10th century viking raider from the north?
  • You could be a wealthy tradesman living in London during War of the Roses?
  • Perhaps you’re a Spaniard seeking a six fingered man who murdered your father?


You don’t have to fit into anyone else’s “traditional” roles; you define who you identify as. The SCA is an open book and we invite you to come as you are, and be who you want. We’re an inclusive and diverse organization, with people from all walks of life, playing an even wider range of diverse characters. Remember, the SCA is “The Middle Ages, as they should have been” and that means things like gender roles and cultural stereotypes are flexible and viewed from the standards of modern society. We don’t limit the development of your persona, because each member of the SCA enriches the experience for everyone else.