Is armored combat dangerous?

Yes, but it’s lots of fun.

It’s important to remember that all sports have a degree of risk involved. SCA heavy fighters are literally “weekend warriors” and some melee battles can get quite intense. Of course, since we’d like to go to work on Monday without concussions and broken bones, we’ve developed a set of rigorous safety standards.

All official combat takes place under the watch of well-trained and experienced officials known as “Marshals”. Equipment standards are strictly adhered to, and chivalry reigns supreme. Combatants engage in battle, on their honor, calling blows and graciously thanking their opponents for the opportunity.

In the process of developing a “living history”, warriors in the SCA strive to bring chivalry and honor to the battlefield in every way they can. This is a high priority for fighters; they take it very seriously. You will truly find yourself moved when you witness the fury and intensity of our battlefields, where the combatants immediately embrace each other after the kill, humbly thanking their comrades for lessons learned and battle-scars earned.

If you find this interesting, join our Combat Fellowship on Facebook, and make sure to contact the Marshal for the latest info/schedules on our fighter practices.