Personal representatives of the King and Queen of Caid to the populace of Wintermist, and advocates for Wintermistians to their Royal Majesties. The Baron and Baroness serve as the ceremonial head of the barony, encouraging and leading through example and fellowship.

Baroness Sunnifa Jónsdóttir
Baron Einarr Grabaror



Fabia Varia







Preferences of Their Excellencies
Einarr’s Preferences                                                                                                                                                       Sunifia’s Preferences

Food Allergies: None

  • Beverages: water, tea, coffee
  • Bread: sour dough, low carb
  • Cheese/Dairy: all kinds
  • Meat/Fish: all kinds
  • Fruit: figs, apples, grapes, berries
  • Spices: any, no preference
  • Sweets: sugar free dark chocolate
  • Sacks: chips, pistachios, peanuts, cashews
  • Sauces/Condiments: no preference
  • Alcohol: red wines, hypocras, gin & tonics
  • Dislikes: very hot spices


  • Colors: red, blue, green, brown
  • Fabrics: wool, linen
  • Metallic: silver, copper, brass, bronze
  • Fabric Allergies: None


  • Scents: no preference
  • Flowers: roses
  • Gems: amber
  • Miscellaneous likes: hand crafted items
  • Persona: 10th century Dane / Viking