The Barony of Wintermist would like to invite the Kingdom of Caid‘s newest fighters to our annual Knewbie Knockabout tournament. Heavy weapons fighters who have been authorized for less than two (2) years are eligible to enter our tourney. However, more experienced fighters are encouraged to attend to give challenges, and to give pointers to the younger brothers in the eric.
Grand prizes from Wintermist’s local artisans and skilled merchants from the Amazon(.com) will be offered to the victors, as well as notable prizes for varying displays of valor and/or hilarity. Fighter tables with refreshments and helpful pages will be proudy offered to our kingdom’s brave souls.
Fees Site fee: Members – $5.00, Non-Members $10.00, children 10 and under will be our guests. Please make checks payable to SCA Inc./Shire Of Wintermist.
Autocrat: Miklos Bako


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