Company of the Gillyflower
Wintermist grows according to the labors of the barony members.  The seeds of such labor are based in services performed so that others may enjoy the dreams we embrace. In ancient Scotland, a Gilly was one who served. As the Gillyflower blooms, so do the gentles worthy of recognition for their deeds. 

Order of the Lyre D’Or
The Barony of Wintermist holds abilities in the Arts & Sciences with as high a regard as it does the skill of martial arts. We therefore wish to honor those whose artistry and skill exemplify the standard to which we aspire. Thus was created the Order of the Lyre d’Or; a badge of honor for those whose skill in a particular art or science, or by virtue of continuing excellence in several fields, continues the tradition of our artisans.

Company of the Vane
The practice, skill, and training of the martial arts have long been a major tenet of the Society and of this Barony. Wintermist honors these brave souls with membership in the Company of the Vane. High honor is deserved of those who participate in the many forms of combat, and whose performance over the years has brought acknowledgment and renown not only upon themselves, but also upon their Barony and Kingdom.

Company of the Red Snowflake (YOUTH)
The youth of the Barony is its most prized possession. Each youth is a separate and vibrant individual that adds to the majesty of the Barony, Kingdom, and Society, and like a snowflake, no two young members of the Barony are the same. Each adds to the group through diverse and varied means. Some help through their service to the Barony and the Kingdom, some excel on the field of combat to do the Barony proud, and others may perform in the arts to bring recognition to Wintermist and Caid.



Company of Noble Touch
The ideals of chivalry and honor are based on courteous demeanor. The honor of the Noble Touch is bestowed to individuals who personify the courtesy we all aspire to achieve in our journey.

This is a unique honor, held by only one individual at a time, and passed on by the previous recipient to continue the circle of chivalry within Wintermist. 

Order of the Silver Quill
The Company of the Silver Quill of Wintermist was created to encourage those within the Barony to participate in the art of writing, poetry and prose. This honor is presented once a year to that individual, chosen by the Chronicler, who has shown a greater level of dedication to this art form by regularly submitting articles, art or poetry to the Tales from the Mist for the enjoyment of the populace.